How's your approach on a new customer?

With your personal video, approaching your website visitors is not just fancy but also effective. Simply Say Some Words about your mission to get attention, building trust and impress with your authentic language. It results in excellent lead quality, engaged new clients and a superior SEO performance. Your website visitors take time for you.

Amazing leads

Excited clients

Google optimized

Clear message

Let's turning your website into your stage!

Simple video creation by an automatic process

Why your company instantly benefits

  • You're the brand

    Nothing let you differ more from competition than your face.

  • Easy video updates

    Creating your widget video is fast and simple keeping your clients updated on your offer.

  • Converts website visitors

    Your offer receives the required attention for website conversion.

  • You build on trust

    Your value proposition is getting attention and keeps in your cusomter minds.

Vorteile und Leistungsmerkmale
  • Clear sales message

    You convince as easy as your words are getting on the point.

  • Your call to action works

    You automate your new client aquisition by leading prospectives through your sales process.

  • Authentic Personality

    You're getting closer to your client and build a trustful relationship.

  • KPI & Analytics

    Reviewing your results enables improvement of your video messages and your offline sales pitches.

People using to Say Some Words are smart

You don't have to be the next Elon Musk to become the branded face of your company. It's all about faciliating a superb guidance, creating an awesome customer experience and leave a personable impression through your video presentation.

Business Owner

Business Owner

You're the guy asked more than anyone else when a new customer comes closer with your company. Just give him a sign he is dealing with a responsible brand and great people.

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Come closer with your prospectives and start bulding the realationship even before met with anyone. It's showtime for your value proposition. Try a new sales approach and analyze your lead performance.

Personal Brand

Personal Brand

The gorgeous difference to your competitor is yourself. Brand your advantage by your character and keep being your best sales guy. We highlight anyones attention to your personality.

Many times asked questions and the answers

You don't neccessarily need to record a video yourself. You may also create a 2D/3D animated character e. g. or ask an actor speaking to your website audience. Anyway we experienced, that an authentic video of the people behind the business is drawing the best results.
Yes, our widget is not only mobile friendly but mobile optimized. It makes consuming information on smart phones easier and is setup for the users currently best bandwidth. Although, it is running on all browsers, some app's build-in browsers may block video content in general. While Facebook's build-in browser renders the widget on all devices correctly, LinkedIn's native app on iOS applies an own build-in player, that eludes the normal playback.
The video needs to be recorded on a colored background. Green or blue colors are normally providing the be best results. You may use a colored wall or purchase a Video Background. Depending on your camera you may require additional lighting. Today, modern smartphones provide satisfactory results depending on your aimed video resultion. In doubt, you may book a video shooting at any studio partner. Our support will help you to succeed at any way you like to go.
Definitely, you will get back what you put in. If your website hasn't much traffic, you will use our video widget for free - forever. Say, you need 10 conversions to gain a new client, you're getting it every month, without any costs for our product. At a later time, you may select a paid plan in order to scale your results.
Many times asked questions and the answers

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