Become a SAYSW Partner


Become our partner in revoluting websites to the next generation and helping your community to establish their SAYSW Widget. It builds not only a personable branding but also draws an excellent user experience for more engagement.

Some Words About Your Partner Benefits

  • Innovative product

    There's no other widget featuring information closer than by a talking charakter.

  • More sales

    Engagged visitors increase success through any website lasting in sales.

  • Better conversions

    Creating awareness from website visitors is neccessary to generate converion.

  • Enhanced branding

    Showing a face in the camera is top-notch branding to professionalize any business.

Pro and con of a partnership
  • Recurring commissions

    You're earning recurring commissions from your gained buyers for lifetime.

  • Happy clients

    Remind your last situation you got a referral to increase the success of your business.

  • Simple video production

    Green screen recordings are easily done and don't need an ambitious filming crew.

  • Exact numbers

    The accomplishment of the video is measurable for analyzation and continuous improvement.

Discover your turn to attent

Recording Studio

Affiliate Hero

Speaker Trainer

Agency Partner

Becoming a partner of SAYSW is as easy as your video's impressing your customer. Get your promotion widget for free to show your community by yourself - at any website you like. Your referral is more than appreciated by them but also by us.

Create your account and record your partner introduction video.


Frequently asked questions about the partner program

You will get a business plan video for free to explain how the SAYSW widget works and why your community should benefit from it. Once your video is recorded we will confirm your partnership and approve your commission on Digistore24.
You may tell your audience whatever you want as long as your intention targets to use the free video for the partnership. It is totally fine to promote your own services you may add-on to the SAYSW widget.
The commission starts at 10% and is recurring. Depeding on your yearly turnover your commission grows up to 50%. Once your partnership is approved you will keep updated on specials and changes in our partner newsletter.
You may become our certified listed partner if you run a professional agency or studio. You may also qualify as our training or coaching partner for professional speaking, storytelling, voice acting, copywriting and so on. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us: Contact Form

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